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Business Seminars 2-3 May

Reimagining India | Digital India and Innovation | Sustainable Textile | Gender and Diversity | Smart Cities and Clean Energy | The Indian Consumer | Making and Innovating with a new India |

India Unlimited, together with the Embassy of India are hosting ‘Business Seminars’ – a series of discussion seminars treating contemporary topics and Swedish-Indian Relations. A business delegation led by Confederation of Indian Industry will be here to meet with Swedish companies.

We are putting together a list of fantastic speakers and relevant innovators from both Sweden and India. During these two days you have the opportunity of one-on-one meetings and networking with Indian Companies. Registration is now open.

In the presence of Mikael Damberg the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Adam Roberts from the Economist, and the Indian IT Minister.

Venue: Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

Free registration and information on seminarshttp://indiaunlimited.se/2016-program/

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